In this update you will find the following items modified or added:

  1. Sport Lab Test:
    • The Lactate / Heart rate (Y-axis) to power/time graph (X-axis) has been modified; both graphs are now combined which is easier to understand. Before, the graphs heart rate and lactate were vertically stacked, now both heart rate and lactate are displayed together. The heart rate Y-axis (left axis) has been shifted up slightly, and the lactate Y-axis (right axis) down slightly, so the charts are less likely to overlap, since heart rate is fairly linear and lactate exponential. This gives a clearer view on the relationship between heart rate and lactate.
    • Added the option to display the Training Zones on the chart. These training zones are displayed on the Chart based on the entered thresholds.

2. There has been a problem with Garmin Connect access for 3 days due to a technical issue. Fixed.

3. Fixed an issue with the Calendar Year View - days were not displayed correctly.

4. Sport Lab Test - Ergospirometry - hints were lacking on the chart. Fixed.

5. Heart rate Variability has been added to Metrics.

6. Add workout has changed. Add workouts is now in one screen only by clicking on "Add Workout" in the navigator. This screen combines adding workouts either by linked accounts, devices, or manually.

7. In documents, coaches can now choose to upload a file or share any URL. Sharing a URL allows coaches to upload any document to a online drop box service, or share any online online resources of interest.

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