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Fixed a bug that occasionally the wrong date was displayed.

Items that have not been entered are no longer displayed in the report with a "-" as value.



Calendar - Quick Edit Uploaded Workouts

You can know do a quick edit of your uploaded workouts from the workout summary popup. Click on "Quick Edit".



Calendar - Save As Plan

Fixed a bug when calendar workouts are saved as a plan.

After selecting the period for the plan, a popup will appear where you enter the Training Plan properties.

The Sport selection allows you to filter which sports will be included in your Training Plan. For example, if the calendar contains bike, run and swim workouts, you can select only bike or any combination of sports to save in your plan.

You will then see your plan in the Builder, where you can review it before saving the plan to your library.



Builder - Action Buttons

The Choose Action button in the workout/training plan builder has been reverted back to individual buttons for new/save/add/edit/delete/save/move up/move down functions.



Builder - Delete

Fixed a bug where occasionally deleting an item would trigger an error.



Account - Go to Shop

For account licenses that are in the free trial period or for licenses that are expired. The popup to inform users about their account status has been made less intrusive. A "shop icon" will blink in the navigator if the account license will expire soon or has expired. A popup will only be displayed if the license has expired or is with in the last 7 days before the expiration date.



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