Depending on the device you are using download errors can be related to several different variables. The following advice can help if you have a problem downloading data directly from the training devices.

 Problem  Solution
Is your device compatible with iQO2? Check first  if your training device is compatible with the iQO2 software.
Is the manufacture software installed? Always install the software that came with your device first, as this is what contains the drivers (small packets of software that allow your computer to 'talk' to your device).
Is there a connection problem between the device and the iQO2 software?

If you have any troubles with your device not being recognized by Device Agent, or the download will not initialize, try this:
Sign-out from your iQO2 software.
Unplug your device from the computer.
to your iQO2 software.
Turn on your device.
Connect your device to your computer.
Select Add workouts.
Select the device and follow the instructions in the wizard.

Is there a problem with the internet connection? Working with iQO2 should be possible with most internet connections. Device uploads use a lot more bandwidth, so it is possible that you are having issues with device uploads with bad hotel internet connections. Learn more how to work with iQO2 without internet connection.
Is there a problem with your device? Check if the battery of your device is still good and fully charged. Upload problems can occur if your battery is low and needs to be replaced and/or recharged. 

Tip: Upload your workouts often and clear the device of recorded workouts after every upload.

If these solutions don’t help; we recommend the following test:
Download your device to the manufacturer's software to preserve the files you recorded and then delete all the files from your device so that it is completely clear of all recorded workouts. You can then record a new short test file and then retry the download.

If you have followed the advice above but still can't download directly from your device, please contact iQO2 Customer Service.


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