To upload workouts directly from my Garmin device:

Sign in to your account and connect the download cable to your computer. Connect your Garmin and turn it on.

  1. Select Add Workout in the navigator. A pop-up appears. Select the Sport > Subactivity (Optional)….
  2. Select Garmin and select . A pop-up is opened with a Windows Explorer window.
  3. Search for your Garmin device.
  4. Click on your Garmin device .
  5. Double-click on  .
  6. Double-click on  where your workout files are located.
  7. Select a File Type: Garmin TCX (*.tcx) or Ant+ FIT file (*.fit) depending on your device. The workouts appears.
  8. Double-click on the workout file you want to upload to iQO2. Follow the next steps of the wizard to finish the upload.

Once you have finished the wizard, you can analyze the data in iQO2. The workouts will be listed by activity and date in the Workouts - history/details. You can recognize the Garmin workouts in the history list by the  icon.

Devices using a USB cable to download files:

Forerunner/Edge 10,110, 210, 220, 620, 500, 705, 800, 810, 1000, 920XT


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