This article takes you step by step through the process of planning a season by adding ‘Period/Event’ items to one or more days in the calendar.

Add training and team stages and periodize the season into different training, tapering, competition and recovery phases. Add important events, such as illness and injuries and target the goals.

For coaches: Before you start planning and periodizing first select the appropriate athlete calendar. Learn more

Possibility 1:

  1. Select a Period / Event item and drag and drop that item from the library to a day in the calendar.
  2. A pop-up appears.
  3. Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ can be customized.
  4. Enter a Description.
  5. Click Ok.
  6. The item appears in the calendar.

Possibility 2:

  1. Click on a Day in the calendar.
  2. Click ‘Ctrl’ + keyboard arrow left & right or up & down to select several consecutive days in one time.
    The selection is marked in the calendar.
  3. Select an item of the Period/Event items and drag and drop it to one of the selected days in the calendar.
  4. A pop-up appears. Enter a Description and click Ok.
    The item appears at the consecutive days in the calendar.


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