To download data directly from device, sign in to your account and connect your device to the computer and make sure it is turned on.

  1. Select Add Workout in the navigator. A pop-up appears.
  2. Select a Sport > Sub activity (optional).
  3. Select the correct training device type: Garmin, SRM, CycleOps, Pioneer.
  4. Depending on the device, the functions for transferring data from the training device  to the iQO2 software are different. Learn about...
  5. Once the files have been extracted from the device, they will be listed by activity and date in the Workout history.

By using the direct download features of iQO2, you bypass the manufacturer’s software, which is often a faster and simpler way.

Important! Always install the software that came with your device first, as this is what contains the drivers (small packets of software that allow your computer to "talk" to your device). more info


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