The workout details shows the overall picture of your workout with your power, heart rate, speed data and altitude profile shown as they happened.

A  Toolbar
Click on the toolbar buttons to respectively scroll left, scroll right, zoom in, zoom out, zoom to full workout. You can also activate the functional threshold wizard or select a view.

B  Chart*
Here are the basics to understand this screen:

  • Variables are colour-coded: Power is green, heart rate is red, speed is blue and altitude is olive.
  • The colour-coded values on the y-axis for power, heart rate and speed are shown on the left side of the graph, these for altitude on the right side of the graph.
  • The elapsed distance or duration is shown on the x-axis.
  • The workout description is displayed at the very top of the summary chart. 


The summary table gives you a quick and comprehensive overview of your workout. This allows you to see all important information at a glance.

Data point*
Moving your mouse cursor over any point on the route map and/or chart will display the various data elements for that point including: Time, Heart rate, Power, Speed, Distance, Cadence, Altitude, Gradient, Air pressure, Temperature, Latitude and Longitude.

D  Route & Information

If you are working with a GPS device you get a presentation of your route on Google maps with possibility to zoom in and out on details and view marked areas of interest.
Install at least the Internet Explorer 10 browser or a newer version. Older versions of IE do not support the JavaScript-API of Google MAPS.

Don't underestimate the importance of your sensation during sport activity, pre- and post-activity sensation and the weather conditions when you analyze your workout!

E  Analytics
The workout navigator on the left side of the screen allows you to select functions to study the profile, heart rate, power, cadence, speed, heart rate/power relationship and the original device data.

* The chart, data pointer and route are interactive: moving your mouse cursor over any point of the chart will display that point on the route and vice versa.


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