This article takes you step by step through all the functions to analyze your heart rate.

  Heart rate Distribution

Heart rate distribution by zones
If you want to make progression in a certain training zone, make sure that you train enough in the correct training zone to optimize your performance. Compare your planned workout instructions with the distribution by training zones to make sure that you executed your workout correct.

Heart rate distribution by steps of bpm
The graph displays heart rate distribution in volume percentage of total time that your heart rate was in a particular range, defined by a customizable heart rate range.

Peak heart rate
Check out your peak heart rate on a high-intensity workout or race. The capacity to reach your maximal heart rate for each time interval learn you how relatively fresh or tired you were.

  Heart rate over time

What does it mean?
A block appears on the chart for a training zone, if your heart rate averaged over the smoothing window falls in the training zone. The width of the block represents the time spent in the training zone and the height of the block represents your average heart rate over this time. These blocks are displayed in the color of each training zone. For example, a block appears in your threshold zone if your heart rate averaged over a window of 2 minutes falls within the limits of your threshold zone. As long as your averaged heart rate remains within these limits, the block on the chart continues over time. The end of the block is where your averaged heart rate drops out of these limits.


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