You can make multiple views on the same track and save them by name. The view(s) will be visible through a shadowed grey background colour.


Select a view

A  Select a view on the graph

One click in the view: The view is visible through a shadowed green background colour.

Double-click in the view: The details of a view are displayed in the graph.

B  Select a view with the toolbar

You can also select a view by clicking View > Select the appropriate view out of the submenu.

C  The views are marked on the map

The route is colour-coded: the full track is red, the created views are blue and the selected view is yellow.

D  Summary table

When a view is selected; the table contains the summary data of the view.

Compare views

E  Views Summary Table

Click on Views Summary Table in the left navigator to compare the different views to each other.



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