A Device Interval/split is an interval that's stored in the device while running or riding.

  1. After you have uploaded a workout, open the workout.
    Click on the Views button at the upper right corner of the Workout Details screen.
  2. Then click on Show Device Intervals/Splits (submenu is only available if there are device) intervals.
  3. You will then see a pop-up where you can (if needed) change the name of each Interval. By default, views will be added for each interval sequentially as “Interval 1”, “Interval 2”, etc.. If you change the text in the popup to for example “Block”, views will be added as “Block 1”, “Block 2” etc...
  4. Click Ok.

All intervals will be displayed in light gray color as Views. These intervals can be analyzed by activating the 'Views (Summary table)' icon  in the left navigator.

  1. Click Views Summary Table icon on the left sidebar of the workout details screen.
  2. Clicking this icon will open the Views Summary Table under the chart. This will give you a overview/summary of all views/intervals in table format.


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