This article explains you how to zoom and scroll into the workout details chart. First click in the chart to activate it.

With the toolbar buttons:

Click on the toolbar buttons (see screenshot above) to respectively

  • scroll left
  • scroll right
  • zoom in
  • zoom out
  • zoom to full workout.

With the mousewheel:

Roll the mousewheel

  • “down” (move your finger towards you) to zoom in
  • “up” (move you finger away from you) to zoom out

Press and hold the Control key, then roll the mousewheel

  • "down" to scroll left
  • "up" to scroll right

With the keyboard:

  • Control-Left = scroll left
  • Shift-Control-Left = scroll left fast
  • Control-Right = scroll right
  • Shift-Control-Right = scroll right fast
  • Control-H or Home = scroll to beginning
  • Control-E or End = scroll to end
  • Control-Down = zoom in
  • Control-Up = zoom out
  • Shift-Control-Up = zoom out full (back to whole workout view)


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