1. Click on the Contacts icon in the menu bar, to open the ‘Athlete contact list’.
  2. To find an athlete, use the athlete list. Simply scroll down the list until you find the athlete you are looking for.
  3. Or type the IQO2 name, family name or first name in the Search box.
  4. Double-click on the athlete’s name in the list to open up his/her file.

  5. You see the athlete’s picture in the menu bar once the athlete file is selected.
  6. All the icons at the right sight of the athlete's picture are functionalities in the athlete file: Add Metrics; Training Zones; Calendar/Training Planner; Add Workouts; Workouts; Sport Lab Tests; Periodic Views.
  7. All the icons at at the right sight of the coach picture are coach functionalities: My Settings; Training Builder; Athlete contacts.


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