Select the Periodic Views icon  in the menu bar, to open the 'Periodic Views'.

This article explains the functions to analyze your uphill kilometers and altimeters.Select the period  you want to analyze first (learn more) and select Profile   .

You can analyze the uphill kilometers or altimeters  day by day; week by week or in a cumalative view  .

If you want to make climbing performance progression, make sure that you train enough kilometers and altimeters uphill. Train also in different gradient ranges and don't forget the higher gradient ranges to prepare your body to such a conditions in races. Climbing higher gradient hills requires other muscles than low gradient hills.

Difference between uphill kilometers and altimeters

Uphill kilometers = The distance spent in each gradient range.

Uphill altimeters = The altimeters spent in each gradient range.

Analyse day by day, week by week or in a cumulative view

Day by day:

Cumulative view:


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