Select the Periodic Views icon   in the menu bar, to open the 'Periodic Views'.

This article explains the functions to analyze the multi-sport distribution. Select the period  you want to analyze first (learn more) and select Sports distribution   .

You can analyze the executed; planned or the executed vs. planned   multi-sport distribution day by day; week by week or in a cumalative view  .

To make progression in a certain sport discipline, make sure that you train enough in that discipline to optimize your performance.The executed/planned analytic is a great way to see if the athlete follows the planned workout instructions.

Sport Correction Factor

One hour of cycling is not the same load for your body as 1 hour of running.
Select the checkbox ‘Sport correction factor’ to view the relative sport distribution.

Default settings:bike: 1,0 / run: 2,0 / swim: 1,5 / fitness: 1,5.

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