A user-configurable timeline lets you make a selection of a period in time.
Learn more how to:

  • Select a view
  • Navigate the timeline
  • Select a period on the timeline

Select a timeline view:
Choose to display the timeline as: 4 weeks (A), 3 months (B), 1 to 4 years (C).

Navigate the timeline:
Click the commands to navigate through the timeline.

  • Arrow left: Scroll left through the weeks, months, years.
  • Arrow right: Scroll right through the weeks, months, years.

Select a period on the timeline:

With the Selection button:

  1. Click Period Selection.
  2. Select the period whose data you want to analyze from the drop-down list OR
  3. Select Period/Event.. from the drop-down list to select a specific Period/event item of the calendar.

With the green bar:

  1. Move the left and right border of the bar to the left and/or to the right to enlarge or reduce  the period selection. OR

  2. Click on the bar and drag the whole bar to the left or right to change the period selection.



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