The Power over time is a presentation of the relationship between produced mechanical power (P) and the duration to exhaustion (t). The P(t) relationship presents a hyperbola. The data can be presented with a normal x-axis (A) or a logaritmic x-axis (B).

The P(t) curve is constructed using the MMP points between 5-seconds and 60-minutes.


Examination of the P(t) curve leads to a set of cycling performance parameters:

  • Pmax: maximal sprinting power at t=0.
  • MAP: maximal aerobic power, assymptotic value for ROI-1 efforts.
  • P20: the highest power during 20-minutes.
  • FTP: the highest power during 60-minutes.
  • CP: (Critical power) - the dotted horizontal line shows the asymptotic value CP of the hyperbolic relation.

Learn more about these cycling performance parameters.



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