Based on the type of athlete license, a connected coach has different coaching possibilities.

At the end of the 30d Free trial, an athlete can choose to pay for the commercial Athlete Edition or to use the Free Edition. As a coach there's no difference between the 30d Free trial and the commercial Athlete Edition.

However, a coach will not have access to all the coaching features when interacting with a Free Edition athlete license.

 A connected coach can:



Sport lab test  
Sport lab test diagnostics
Perform lactate tests and use different lactate models to calculate the aerobic and anaerobic threshold.
Training zone calculation       
Define training zones based on tests: Cooper test, lactate or ergospirometry test, 2-distance critical swim speed test (without lactate measurement).
Workout or race data
Define training zones based on high-intensity workout or race data (cycling power or running speed data).
Training planning  
iQO2 Library: Training Plan Application (TPA)
Choose a 8 to 24-weeks running, cycling or triathlon plan that suits the individual athlete needs.
Personal coach library
Plan future workouts: build your own workouts & training plan libraries and use these for easy drag and drop planning for one or more athletes.
Period/Event items
Draw up a complete season with training cycles and flag important events and competition periods.
Recieve notifications of new metrics or new training activities on your central dashboard. This allows efficient monitoring and direct support.
Mobile iOS & Android App
Receive notifications of new metrics and new training activities on your mobile coach App.
Workout analytics  
Acces the workout history overview and the workout detail summary (graph + route + summary table).
Acces the different workout and advanced performance analytics. Clear cut information about the training load, heart rate, power, speed…
Periodic views  
Monitor evolution
Keep track of esential body metrics; analyze the training load and performance over time.
Compare different periods and determine periods of optimal fitness, overreaching, fatigue and potential overtraining.


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