Step 1: Enable the Remote Desktop to connect with folders on your computer (one time setting)

  1. Click the 'Remote Desktop icon' in the navigator.

  2. Click 'Edit' to modify the Remote Desktop connection.
    Select 'Redirection' and click '+'.

  3. Select 'Path' and browse a location where your workout files are saved.

  4. Select the location and click 'Choose'.

  5. Click 'Ok'.

  6. You can now upload files from that location.

  7. Close the pop-up by clicking the red cross at the upper left side.

Step 2: Add workouts

  1. Double-click on your profile to start working with iQO2.

  2. Select 'Add Workout' in the navigator. A pop-up appears.
    A. Select a 'Sport';
    B. Select the appropriate device file Eg. 'Garmin;
    C. Select 'File'. A pop-up is opened.

  3. Click 'Network' and double-click on 'tsclient'.

  4. Double-click '//tsclient/appropriate location'.

  5. Double-click on the workout file you want to upload to iQO2 and click 'Open'.

    Follow the next steps of the wizard to finish the upload.



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