In case of 'Work offline' problems; you need to reset the offline database and begin from scratch:

  1. Open iQO2 and 'Sign in' online (click 'Sign In', not 'Work Offline'). In case of a web-update message; perform the web-update first.
  2. Close iQO2 .
  3. Remove the 'Offline database':
    Select the map 'C:\IQO2\Data\Sqlite' and remove 'iqo2.db'.

  4. Remove the 'Sync settings':
    Once you've done this; you need to remove the 'Sync' Settings out of the regestry. Open the Regestry Editor by clicking the 'Windows button' together with 'R'.

    Then type there 'regedit' and click 'Ok'.

  5. If Windows ask to confirm the changes, select 'Yes'.
    Then you see the 'Registry Editor',  navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IQO2\Settings\Sync and remove the date settings.

  6. Restart iQO2, 'Sign in' online and select 'Sync' in the navigator.


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