What will happen ?

Due to the growth of our user base, iQO2 will be moving it's data center as scheduled below.

This maintenance schedule will also coincide with the release of our new mobile app for iOS and Android (see last section below - what should i do once maintenance has been completed).

When and how long ?

The maintenance is scheduled for Wednesday Feb 14 at 8pm Central European Time (GMT+1)
We expect the maintenance to be completed within 2 hours.

Can I use iQO2 during ?

Since we will be changing our data servers, you will not be able to use your iQO2 applications while maintenance is Active. Please check back here again to see when it has been completed.


What should I do once Maintenance has been completed ?

iQO2 desktop software users on Windows/Mac do not have to do anything. The software will automatically switch to the new servers on the next sign in.

Mobile App users:

Once the maintenance status shows Completed, please install our new mobile app released for iOS and Android on your smartphone!




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