The purpose of this privacy policy statement is to give full transparency which personal information is stored, for whom, and what for. iQO2 stores the following personal information. iQO2 wishes to inform you that the use of this information is limited to what is strictly necessary.

The following personal information is required for making a iQO2 account

  • Your name - while a name is required to register your iqo2 account, it is neither verified to be real or required to be so.
  • Your gender and date of birth - this information is only used for certain calculations within the iqo2 software that require it, e.g. to calculate your training zones. it is not used for any other purposes.
  • Your email address - The sole purpose of registering your email address is for support communication or for administrative tasks such as if you wish to change your account password where you need to verify you are the owner of the account through your email address. This is a security measure for our users.

Users can choose to make their profile information private or not by editing their iqo2 account profile in the iqo2 software application.

Besides the above, we only store sport metrics data the user enters in the iqo2 software applications for the purpose of training and coaching. Users will be able to determine who can view or modify which data by using the Privacy Settings within the iQO2 software application.

None of your information is used outside of the iqo2 software applications.

You can request us to remove all your data by submitting a ticket here after which your account and all your data records will be permanently removed within the next 30 days.



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