The Calendar has been updated with a Volume Chart and the Year view has been replaced by a completely new Year Plan.

To open the calendar Volume Chart, go to the settings menu or right-click on any calendar day to bring the menu up and select Volume Chart - as seen in the screenshot below. You can do the same to close the Volume Chart again.


Month View

By default you will see the week totals of your planned items for the selected month by Sport.

You can also view a single sport by clicking on the tab, or view your executed workouts (device uploads), or both planned vs executed side by side.

Select Days, Weeks or All to change how the volumes are represented:

  • Days: shows the volume per day. The X-axis of the chart shows the number of the day in the month.
  • Weeks: shows the volume totals per week. The X-axis of the chart shows the week of the year.
  • All: shows the totals of the selected month. If you select a single sport, it shows the total volume by training zones. If you select Sports Distribution, it shows the total volume for all sports.

For example, the screenshot below shows the Volume for Run , selecting Weeks to see the weekly totals.


Next, the same data but selecting Days


Next, the same data selecting All which then shows the totals by training zones for the selected month.


 Week View

 The week view shows the volume by the days of the week by default, but you can change the settings as in the month view.



Year Plan

The Year Plan is where your timeline is divided into weeks. By default 12 weeks are shown. Please view the settings menu for options. Use the navigator Left/Right buttons to scroll through the weeks.



The Year Plan consists of the following elements: 

Row 1: Meso Cycli

This allows you to organize your year plan in meso cycles (or periods of your choice). To Add a meso cycle, simply right-click in a empty cell in this row and select "Add Meso Cycle.."




You can then enter the properties of the Meso Cycle being the background color, starting week, duration in weeks and a description.

To edit or Delete a Meso Cycle, right-click on it to open the menu:



Row 2: Week Volumes

Here you can enter the planned volumes by Sport, per week. Volumes can be entered as a total for the week, or as a volume or percentage by training zones (not for fitness, fitness only has a total time). more details below:



Week Volume Bike

Volumes for Bike are always expressed in time.

You have 3 ways to define the week volume:

Total Week Volume only - just enter a total time in hours and minutes

Training Zones Volume - enter the time per training zone; the total time and percentages are then calculated automatically.

Training Zones as Percentages - enter a total time and percentages of the total time for the training zones. The time per training zone is then calculated automatically.

Week Volume Run/Swim

For Run and Swim you can specify volumes in Time or Distance. (Training Intensity Zones for these sports are expressed as speed, and as a result distance is converted to time if needed by matching calendar data to the athlete's training zones).

Select Time - enter the week volume as time and also enter a estimated distance.

Select Distance - enter the week volume as distance and also enter a estimated time.

The estimated time or distance are required if entering "Total Week Volume only" since no training zone information is available.

However, if you select "Training Zones Volume", a total estimated distance or time is no longer required, only specify the total time (or distance) and the distribution by zones such as for Bike above.

Week Volume Fitness

Total Week Volume in time only.


Interpreting the Calendar Week Volume


We entered a total week volume of 8hr (08:00) for Bike. We only planned 2 Bike workouts for a total of 02:35. 02:35 is 32% of 08:00. The sports color bar is also drawn at 32% of the width of the column. This gives you a quick view if the amount of workouts you planned matches the year plan week volumes. If you select to enter training zone volumes, a quick grapical representation of the volume distribution is drawn at the bottom of the item.


Row 3 - Periods/Races.

If you add period/events which can span multiple days, they are displayed together with planned Races in a separate row above the days of the week.

These are the same period/events that are drawn within the calendar days in week or month view. In the Year Plan view, you have these displayed separately to get a better "planning" view.


Row 4-10 - Days of the Week.

Calendar days which function the same was as in month view. add items, or drag and drop from the Library etc..


Year Plan Volume Chart

In Year Plan view, the Volume Chart displays 2 additional options: Week Volumes and Week Volumes / Planned. The first displays the meso Week Volumes you entered and the second displays the meso Week Volumes compared side by side with the week volume of actual planned workouts. This allows you to compare the year plan volumes you have entered with the actual planned workouts added to the calendar.


Displays the meso Week Volumes for all sports.


Displays the meso Week Volumes for Bike only - as you can see, W45 displays distribution by training zones while W46 and W47 only display a total volume. This is because we didnt specifiy training zones volumes for these 2 weeks.


Compare meso Week Volumes with planned workouts volumes - Select Week Volumes / Planned.

As you can see we didnt do a very good job here to match the meso week volume (displayed on the left of the dotted centerline) with the actual planned workouts volume (displayed on the right of the dotted centerline)



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