The training builder consists of 4 types of builders :

  • a Workout,
  • an Exercise Group,
  • an Exercise,
  • a Training Plan builder.

Each Builder produces another 'building block' that you can save to your Library  . Each saved item is automatically located under the corresponding building block in the Library.

This article explains the differences between the 4 types of building blocks.

1. Exercise:

An exercise is the smallest building block. It is defined by a volume, an intensity and some notes.

2. Exercise Group:

An exercise group is a combination of some exercises. Eg. a Repeat-block.

3. Workout:

A workout is combination of exercises, exercise groups and eventually some recovery or rest.
It is defined by a sport and a description.

4. Training plan:

A Training plan is a combination of workouts over a period of time ( x weeks).



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