The ribbon, which sits above the document, and includes a set of buttons and commands that you use to build workouts, exercises, exercise groups and training plans.

1. TABS:

Click on the appropriate tab to choose the type of builder you want to work with.



Click on the buttons in the toolbar to work in the editor.

  New  Click on ‘New’ to start building an item. 
  Save Click on ‘Save’ to save an item to the library.
  Add Click on ‘Add’ and choose an option from the submenu, to add  items. 
  Edit Click on ‘Edit’ and choose an option from the submenu,  to edit items.
  Delete Click on ‘Delete’  to delete items.
  Move Up Click on ‘Move Up’ to move up items.
  Move Down Click on ‘Move Down’ to move down items. 
  Languages  Click on ‘Languages’ to start translating the selected item. 
  Volume Click on 'Volume' to control the training load while planning.
  Settings  Click on ‘Settings’ to change the training plan presentation.





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