iQO2 offers you different methods to determine your anaerobic threshold (learn more) and personal training zones.

The different methods gives you a range of possibilities matching every endurance sport and every athlete: from starting recreational to professional elite.

iQO2 Training Intensity Calculator

Target: recreational athletes.
Method: The calculator is based on age, gender, heart rate rest, heart rate max and an estimated fitness level or Cooper test result. The iQO2 Training Intensity Calculator offers you a method to define the training zones, expressed as heart rate, as a ‘starting point’.

Sport Lab Test

Target: driven amateurs & professional elite athletes.
Method: The sport lab tests determine the training zones in a more scientific and precise way based on the anaerobic threshold as determined by a lactate and/or ergometry step test.

Functional threshold

Target: driven amateurs & professional elite athletes.
Method: Analysis of the functional threshold on high-intensity workouts or races allows you to determine the training zones based on the actual performance level using real-time field data of your cycling power meter or running speed meter.

Critical swim speed test

Target: driven amateurs & professional elite triathletes and swimmers.
Method: iQO2 calculates your critical swim speed based on your fastest times over a 200m and 400m freestyle swim test without lactate measurement. The training zones are calculated as a % of the CSS.



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