This article explains you step by step how to create new running training zones using real-time field data of your running speed or GPS meter:

  1. Click on the Training zones icon  in the menu bar, to open the ‘Training zones’.
  2. Click Add . The wizard will guide you through the steps to create new training zones.
    • Choose a sport - run - and enter a date.
    • Enter the weight, heart rate rest and heart rate max.
  3. Select the Functional threshold method to determine the training zones.

  4. You will see an overview of the workouts for with you have calculated a functional threshold.

    Select a workout or view (selected area of a workout) and click Ok.

  5. Control the value (or modify it if you wish) of your Anaerobic threshold.

    Click Next.

  6. The last screen allows you to modify or fine-tune some values.

    Click Finish if all values are correct.

The new training zones appears in the Training zone history. The date of the defined training zones is the date of the selected workout.

The functional threshold have to be calculated on a high-intensity workouts or a race.

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