This article explains you how to make your work more efficient by adapting the lactate models to your own preferences. You can re-use these settings for all your athletes.

  1. Click on the Sport Lab tests icon  in the menu bar, to open the ‘Sport Lab Tests’.
  2. Click on Add to create a new sport lab test. The sport lab test wizard appears as a pop-up. The wizard will guide you through the steps to enter a sport lab test.
  3. Page 7/9 lets you choose between the different lactate models to determine the aerobic and anaerobic threshold.
  4. Click on  Settings to fine-tune the lactate models according to your own preferences. The Settings pop-up appears.
  5. This pop-up screen allows you to select the models you wish to see on the graph, and change the settings for each model.
    Eg. You want to use 'Baseline lactate + 0,4 mmol/l' instead of 'Baseline lactate + 0,5 mmol/l' to calculate the anaerobic threshold.

All changes are reflected in real time on the graph. You can also go back to the default settings with the button Defaults. If you click Cancel, all settings are reverted as they were before you opened this screen.



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