The sport lab test details shows the overall picture of your test results.

A  Lactate response chart

The lactate response chart is the graphical result of a sport lab test. It shows the relationship between the exercise load (cycling power output, running speed or swimming pace), the heart rate and the accumulation of lactic acid in the blood. The different lactate points are also presented on the chart.

B  Data Point Table

The data point table gives you an overview of your sport lab test. The data in this table are manually entered in the add sport lab test wizard. This table allows you to see the total elapsed time (hh:mm:ss), the number of steps and the different parameters of every step including: Time (step duration); Power (cycling) or Speed (running), Heart rate (bpm), Lactate (mmol/l) and the Borg-value.

C  Lactate Point Table

The lactate point table gives you an overview of the lactate points of your sport lab test. The different lactate point are: aerobic threshold, anaerobic threshold, 2 mmol, 4mmol, 6mmol and maximum lactate. The table gives an overview of the different parameters linked to the lactate points including: Lactate (mmol/l), Heart rate (bpm), Power (Watt), Power/kg (Watt/kg), Borg-value, %Heart rate max, %Power max, %VO2 max, VO2 (l/min/kg), VO2 (l/min).

D  Test description

The test description screen gives an overview of the personal information, test parameters and test conditions.

E  Evaluation

The evaluation screen gives a score to the submaximal and maximal endurance levels with personal notes about the test.

F  Notes

The notes screen gives a personal comment of your coach/ sports physician on your test.

G  Training zones

The training zones screen shows your training zones based on your test.

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