Websites can set themselves up to appear different on paper to how they look on screen, so don't be suprised to see some changes. If you see some colours or background images missing, or have some extra headers and footers that appears on the page margins, select 'Page Setup....' and follow the instuctions.

The Page Setup window - Format and Options

The Format & Options tab allows you to change:

  • Orientation: Select 'Portrait'.
  • Options: Select 'Print Background (colors & images)' to print the backgrounds for web pages. Otherwise, page backgrounds will be white.

The Page Setup window - Margins and Header/ Footer

The Margins & Header/Footer tab allows you to change:

  • Margins: You can enter the width of the page margins for the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the page separately.
  • Headers & Footers: Use the dropdown menus to select what appears on the printed page. Choose '--blank--' in the 6 dropdown menus: Nothing extra will be printed.

Click 'OK' to finish making changes and close the Page Setup window before printing.


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