A myriad of terms for training zones and trainingintensities exist and are used across sports as well as across institutes/academies. This causes confusion amongst sportsmedicine, sportphysiologist, trainers and athletes.

Another problem is the number of training zones that are used. It is arbitrary to determine the appropriate number of training zones because the physiological responses to exercise fall on a continuum, with one intensity domain simply blending into the next. A compromise must be made between defining more zones, to represent better the full range of physiological responses and to adequately describe the different types of training required to meet the demands of competitive cycling and running, and defining fewer zones, for the sake of simplicity.

The iQO2 training zones are based on a percentage of the anaerobic threshold (%ANT), not on a percentage of your maximum.

iQO2 offers you different methods to determine your individual anaerobic threshold. Learn more


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