After you activated the training plan builder, you can start building the training plan.

Method 1: Drag & drop

We offer you a time-saving option building-up your training plans.

  1. Click on the Workout header in your library.
  2. Select the appropriate Sport.
  3. Select a workout of the list by clicking on the workout.
  4. Hold your mouse and drag the workout to a day in the training plan framework.

Repeat this proces and add as many workouts until your training plan is completed.



Method 2: Create new workouts in the training plan editor

You can also create new workouts from scratch in the training plan editor:

  1. Click on a Day in the trainining plan framework.
  2. Click the Add button.
    Choose Add Workout to Training Plan day.. from the submenu.
  3. You can now create a new workout like you are used to in the Workout builder.



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