Click the Training builder icon  in the navigator to activate the training builder.

The training builder is a revolutionary way to build your own workout and training plan library. This article familiarizes you with the different items of the training builder window.

When you open the Training builder, you see four main parts:

A.  The ribbon

The ribbon, which sits above the document, and includes a set of buttons and commands that you use to build workouts and training plans. Learn more about the ribbon.

B. The editor

A blank document, which looks like a white sheet of paper and takes up most of the window. With the editor you can create new/edit exercises, exercise groups, workouts and training plans.

C. The drop-box

Drop created items here to save them into your library. This way you can build up your library.

D The library

The Library is your personal database of exercises, exercise groups, workouts and training plans you’ve created. You can use these libraries for planning in the calendar of your athletes.


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