If you have a lot of library items, and you want precise searches with as few results as possible, using filters is the way to go.

Filter 1: Building blocks

The library is divided in 4 different building blocks: Workouts, Exercises, Exercise groups and Training plans.

More info about the four types of building blocks.

Filter 2: Sports

  1. Workouts, exercises and exercise groups are automatically organized into: bike, run, swim and fitness workouts. 
  2. Training plans are organized into: bike, run, swim and multi-sport workouts.

Filter 3: Subactivities

Depending on the sport-discipline; each sport can have some sub-activities.

Filter 4: Categories

More info about creating categories and adding items to categories.

Filter 5: Intensity

Depending on the sport discipline; exercises are expressed as heart rate, power, speed, pace. You can filter the exercise (groups) and workouts on those items.

Filter 5: Filter button

The filter button allows you to use different search filters together to fine-tune searches on the fly.



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